Serie S-005 - Board Meetings

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Board Meetings

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  • January 1979 - March 2011 (Creación)
    Douglas College Board
  • July 1969 - December 1978 (Creación)
    Douglas College Council

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4.1 m of textual materials and 1 photograph

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The Douglas College Council (more often referred to as simply the College Council) was founded in March 1969. Amendments to the Public Schools Act six years earlier required that all colleges in the province of British Columbia be governed by a College Council. The stated purpose of these councils under the amendment was the management, administration, and control of the property, revenue, business, and affairs of each respective college. Citizens who wanted a college in their region could vote in a plebiscite to contribute to the institution's costs through their local school taxes. School districts in Richmond, Delta, Surrey, Langley, Burnaby, New Westminster, and Coquitlam voted on March 9, 1969 in support of the college's creation. The government established the first college council, which was required by law to consists of one member appointed by each participating school board, members appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, and one District Superintendent of Schools from one of the participating districts appointed by the Minister of Education. Jack Smedley was the first chairperson of the Douglas College Council, and he held the position from 1969-1970.

The Council was responsible for recruiting the College's founding principal, George Wootton, and the secretary-treasurer, M.F. (Bill) Morfey. The council was also involved with hiring other key personnel, developing the College's first budget, and procuring facilities.

Other powers and responsibilities of the College Council included: appointing necessary instructional and other staff; determining student fees and tuition; overseeing the management and carrying-out of the college's curriculum and instruction; preparing annual budgets; and determining admission requirements.

In 1979, following the passage of the College and Institute Act, the Douglas College Council became the Douglas College Board.

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(1979 -)

Historia administrativa

The Douglas College Board (more often referred to simply as the College Board) was formed in 1979 as the result of passage of the College and Institute Act. Under the legislation, colleges became corporations and their councils became boards. The composition of college boards no longer required representation from school board officials, but otherwise the powers and responsibilities of the board were largely were largely unchanged.

The Douglas College Board acts on behalf of the public, and oversees the affairs of the organization (including property, revenue and expenditure), performing duties aligned with the College and Institute Act to support proper administration and advancement of Douglas College. The board focuses on policy and strategic leadership rather than administrative detail.

The first board chairperson was Helen Casher who held the position from 1979-1981.

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Series consists of records pertaining to meetings of the Douglas College Council and Douglas College Board. These materials are predominantly meeting agendas and minutes, but also a large number of supporting documents related to the topics discussed at each meeting. Also included are special meeting records, which were confidential and sealed at the time of their creation.

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These records maintain their original order at the time they were transferred to the Archives. That accession and subsequent accruals also included a range of other materials, which have been arranged into separate series: Committees of the Board and Miscellaneous Board Records.

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1 photograph : col. ; 20 x 26 cm

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Description created by James Goldie in October 2021. Updated in August 2022.

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