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Women's Studies Advisory Committee

  • DCA013
  • Instelling
  • 1971 - 1977

Formally established in 1974, the Women's Studies Advisory Committee also existed under other names (the "Co-ordinating Committee on Education For Women" and the "Women's Studies Committee") as early as 1971. Initially it was made up of Women's Studies convenor Lillian Zimmerman and senior administrators from the Continuing Education, Liberal Arts, and Counselling divisions; however, the committee later expanded its membership to include representatives from the student body and the broader community.

Led by Zimmerman, the committee was responsible for overseeing Programs For Women at Douglas College. In 1977, the committee was changed to the Women's Studies Advisory Board, a change that coincided with the designation of Women's Studies as a Special Programs Unit.

Community Relations Committee [original]

  • DCA065
  • Instelling
  • 1977 - 1981

In May 1977, an Ad Hoc Public Relations Committee was struck by the College Council to examine the need and means by which they could keep the broader community informed of the College, its development, and activities. In October of that year, a motion was carried to establish a Community Relations Committee as the fifth standing committee of the College Council.

The Community Relations Committee was tasked with upholding the “Council’s responsibility to keep the community informed and aware of the College and its development,” as well as develop publicity and public relations policies. The Committee engaged directly with community stakeholders through in-person meetings but also through indirect means such as press releases and newsletters. The Committee oversaw the work of the Public Information Office and its officer.

In 1981, following the split between Douglas and Kwantlen, the College Board reduced its number of standing committees. The Community Relations Committee was eliminated and not replaced by an equivalent committee until April 1984 when the Community Relations Development Committee was established.

Human Resources Committee

  • DCA057
  • Instelling
  • 1997 - Present

The Human Resources Committee was established in 1997 when the Finance, Facilities and Personnel Committee split into two separate entities. Its original mandate was to advise the College Board and administration on matters relating to personnel policies; to present recommendations, reports, and memoranda to the Board; to review recommendations related to specific personnel issues or initiatives; to examine proposals for budgeted and non-budgeted staff and faculty additions; and to advise on negotiations with faculty and staff.

In 2006, the Human Resources Committee's terms of reference were expanded to include greater detail related to negotiations advice. Additionally, the Committee was tasked with reviewing materials and recommendations related to the Professional Development Programs, the Health and Safety Committee, and excluded personnel.

As of 2022, the Human Resources Committee is the College Board's oldest standing committee. Its specific duties and responsibilities relate to executive appointments, compensation structure, succession planning and development, risk management, human resources, and more.

Community Relations Committee

  • DCA067
  • Instelling
  • 1990 - 1992

In November 1990, the Community Relations Committee replaced the Community Relations Development Committee as one of the College Board’s three standing committees. This committee would put greater emphasis on increasing the College’s visibility in the community, taking proactive steps to engage with various off-campus constituencies and stakeholders. The Committee made policy recommendations to the Board, was involved in College advertising, and was responsible for “interpreting and communicating the College’s role, mandate and needs to the community decisions makers.”

By January 1992, the Committee once again changed, this time to the Community Relations/Board Development Committee.

Personnel Committee

  • DCA056
  • Instelling
  • ca. 1970 - 1981

When it was formally established as a standing committee of the College Council in 1975, the primary function of the Personnel Committee was to serve as advisor to the Council and administration on matters relating to personnel policies, making recommendations, and drafting reports. The Committee was also tasked with reviewing problems on specific personnel matters, examining proposals for the budget, and advising on negotiations with faculty, staff, and administrators.

In 1981, following the split between Douglas and Kwantlen, the Personnel Committee (by then a committee of the College Board) amalgamated with other committees to become the Finance, Facilities and Personnel Committee.

Regional College Steering Committee

  • DCA022
  • Instelling

In 1965, the Coquitlam school district contacted the school districts of Maple Ridge, New Westminster and Burnaby to determine what interest there might be in a joint endeavor to establish a community college. On December 7, 1965 an agreement for a joint study was reached and each district was asked to appoint a trustee and its district superintendent of schools to a Regional College Steering Committee.

Kwantlen College

  • DCA016
  • Instelling
  • 1981 - 1995

Kwantlen College was formed in 1981 as the result of a separation from Douglas College.

In June 1980, responding to the provincial government's desire for a "realignment of educational services" in the Douglas College region, the Board recommended the College be divided into two institutions. At the time, Douglas had eight campuses: New Westminster, Surrey, Richmond, Coquitlam, Langley, Maple Ridge, Agnes Street, and Newton Centre. The geographic dividing line would be the Fraser River, with those campuses north of the river remaining part of Douglas College and those south of the river forming a new institution. The name Kwantlen College was selected through a contest and was approved by Grand Chief Joe Gabriel of the Kwantlen First Nation.

In 1995, Kwantlen College became Kwantlen University College.

Aboriginal Advisory Committee

  • DCA007
  • Instelling

The Aboriginal Advisory Committee continued the work of its predecessor committee in providing services and support to Indigenous students at Douglas College. The Committee was comprised of stakeholders from within the College community and beyond.

The Committee's name was later changed to the Indigenous (FNMI) Advisory Committee.

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