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Finance, Facilities and Personnel Committee

  • DCA052
  • Collectivité
  • 1981 - 1997

Established in April 1981 (with its initial meeting held the following month), the Finance, Facilities and Personnel Committee was an amalgamation of three previous standing committees and drew its original terms of reference from each of those earlier groups. The Committee’s principle responsibilities fell within these three areas and included: (1) advising the College Board and administration on significant financial and business matters, reviewing draft budgets, and reviewing financial statements; (2) recommending policies related to building and site development, engaging with local governments and stakeholders, studying site proposals, and acting on behalf of the Board when initiating and planning with other agencies for jointly owned facilities; and (3) providing advice on personnel policies, reviewing specific personnel problems, examining proposals, and engaging in the negotiations with faculty and staff.

In October 1997, this Committee was replaced two committees: the Finance Committee (which addressed issues related to finance and facilities) and the Human Resources Committee (which addressed personnel issues).

Finance Committee

  • DCA053
  • Collectivité
  • 1997 - 2009

The Finance Committee established in October 1997 had a mandate that was distinct from the earlier iteration of the same name, which had existed from the College's earliest years until 1981. The work of this newer Finance Committee focused on both finance and facilities. Its finance-related responsibilities included advising the Board and administration on significant financial affairs at the College, reviewing the operating and capital budgets, and reviewing financial statements. Its facilities-related responsibilities included making policy recommendations regarding building and site development, examining long-term plans for future developments, reviewing and recommending site acquisitions, meeting with government officials and local stakeholders regarding the acquisition of sites and facilities, and acting on behalf of the Board with respect to jointly owned facilities.

In January 2009, the Finance Committee became the Audit and Finance Committee.

Community Relations/Board Development Committee

  • DCA068
  • Collectivité
  • 1992 - 2002

Established in January 1992, the College Board’s Community Relations/Board Development Committee retained many of its predecessor’s responsibilities related to community engagement, strategic planning related to advertising, and discussions of community relations issues. It also added two new clauses to its mandate: (1) to plan Board development activities and to recommend them to the College Board, and (2) to draft and recommend Board policies.

In September 2002, the Board voted to disband the Committee because issues related to planning and advocacy were by then being handled by the Executive Committee.

Reg Pridham

  • DCA010
  • Personne
  • ca.1932 - 2021

Reginald “Reg” Pridham was involved with Douglas College since its inception in 1970, first as a faculty member and later as Director of Business Programs. In 1978, he was appointed Dean of Educational Services. The following year Pridham received his Doctorate in College Administration, and in September 1979 he was appointed Acting Principal. He held this position until April 1981, at which time he joined the administration of the newly formed Kwantlen College as its first acting principal and then as vice-president. Pridham died in 2021 at the age of 89.

First Nations Advisory Committee

  • DCA006
  • Collectivité
  • ca. 1993 - ca. 2003

Established to provide services and support to Indigenous students at Douglas, the Douglas College First Nations Advisory Committee was made up of stakeholders from within the College community and beyond. A 1995 resource guide for Indigenous students included the following description of the committee:

“The Douglas College First Nations Advisory Committee meets regularly to work with Douglas College in developing and implementing community educational initiatives, programs and services. Membership is comprised of First Nations representatives from Qayqayt First Nation, Vancouver and New Westminster Education Centres, New Westminster Urban Cultural Society, New Westminster Senior Secondary School, Douglas College Faculty and Staff, Douglas College First Nations Alumni, Douglas College Student Society First Nations representative, and the New Westminster, Katzie and Coquitlam Bands. The Douglas College First Nations Advisory Committee works to support and guide the ‘Spirit’ for enhancing services for First Nations Learners at Douglas College.”

In the early 2000s, the committee’s name was changed to the Aboriginal Advisory Committee.

Communications and Marketing Office

  • DCA021
  • Collectivité
  • 1996 -

The Communications and Marketing Office (formerly the Public Information Office) developed and administered College marketing plans, produced College publications and promotional materials, liaised with media, established proactive publicity activities, coordinated and provided support for College special events, and supported internal communications through the College newsletter, bulletins and other materials.

The Office's name was changed to the Marketing & Communications Office.

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