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Education Committee

  • DCA061
  • Corporate body
  • 1996 - 2000

In January 1996, the Education Committee was established as the successor to the College Board’s Education & Services Committee. Initially it maintained many of the same responsibilities as in its previous iteration but with a new emphasis on providing a link between the College Board and the Education Council. By 1999, much of the Committee’s responsibilities were set out in the College and Institute Act, which had become legislation in 1996. The Committee endeavoured to clarify and foster the link between each of the College’s governing bodies, reviewing information and advice the Board received from the Education Council. The Committee also reviewed matters requiring joint approval of the Board and the Education Council, and it carried out any responsibilities delegated to it by the Board.

The Education Committee was discontinued in 2000 following a re-evaluation of the Board’s committee structure.

Sites and Buildings Planning and Development Committee

  • DCA062
  • Corporate body
  • ca. 1970 - 1981

Briefly called the Building and Sites Development Committee when it was first established as a standing committee of the College in early 1975, by May of that year the Committee’s name was changed to the Sites and Buildings Planning and Development Committee. (Prior to being formally designated a standing committee, it had also been called the Sites Committee.)

The Committee’s primary function was to study proposals and make recommendations to Council on topics pertaining to the development of buildings and sites. The Committee was tasked with initiating long-term planning for the provision of sites for future developments, to examine and recommend specific site acquisitions, to meet with municipal councils in the College region, to act on behalf of the Council with respect to jointly owned facilities, and to review and assess the suitability of project consultants.

In 1981, following the split between Douglas and Kwantlen, the Sites and Buildings Planning and Development Committee (by then a committee of the College Board) amalgamated with other committees to become the Finance, Facilities and Personnel Committee.

Community Relations Committee [original]

  • DCA065
  • Corporate body
  • 1977 - 1981

In May 1977, an Ad Hoc Public Relations Committee was struck by the College Council to examine the need and means by which they could keep the broader community informed of the College, its development, and activities. In October of that year, a motion was carried to establish a Community Relations Committee as the fifth standing committee of the College Council.

The Community Relations Committee was tasked with upholding the “Council’s responsibility to keep the community informed and aware of the College and its development,” as well as develop publicity and public relations policies. The Committee engaged directly with community stakeholders through in-person meetings but also through indirect means such as press releases and newsletters. The Committee oversaw the work of the Public Information Office and its officer.

In 1981, following the split between Douglas and Kwantlen, the College Board reduced its number of standing committees. The Community Relations Committee was eliminated and not replaced by an equivalent committee until April 1984 when the Community Relations Development Committee was established.

Community Relations Development Committee

  • DCA066
  • Corporate body
  • 1984 - 1990

The Community Relations Development Committee was established as a standing committee of the College Board in April 1984. Its purpose at that time was “to provide a focus for and an overview of policies and programs to enhance public information, community resource development and college-based community development activities.” Later that year, fundraising activities was added to the Committee’s terms of reference. The Committee also provided recommendations to the Board and served as a liaison with College administration regarding issues related to public relations.

In November 1990, the Committee’s name was changed back to the Community Relations Committee.

Community Relations Committee

  • DCA067
  • Corporate body
  • 1990 - 1992

In November 1990, the Community Relations Committee replaced the Community Relations Development Committee as one of the College Board’s three standing committees. This committee would put greater emphasis on increasing the College’s visibility in the community, taking proactive steps to engage with various off-campus constituencies and stakeholders. The Committee made policy recommendations to the Board, was involved in College advertising, and was responsible for “interpreting and communicating the College’s role, mandate and needs to the community decisions makers.”

By January 1992, the Committee once again changed, this time to the Community Relations/Board Development Committee.

Community Relations/Board Development Committee

  • DCA068
  • Corporate body
  • 1992 - 2002

Established in January 1992, the College Board’s Community Relations/Board Development Committee retained many of its predecessor’s responsibilities related to community engagement, strategic planning related to advertising, and discussions of community relations issues. It also added two new clauses to its mandate: (1) to plan Board development activities and to recommend them to the College Board, and (2) to draft and recommend Board policies.

In September 2002, the Board voted to disband the Committee because issues related to planning and advocacy were by then being handled by the Executive Committee.

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