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Marlene Hancock

  • DCA024
  • Person

Marlene Hancock first joined the College as a contract political science professor in 1988, becoming a regular faculty member three years later. She had a longstanding academic interest in Middle East history and politics, having traveled extensively in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan during her youth. Her Master's thesis in political science from Simon Fraser University (1982) focused on political development in Saudi Arabia.

Starting in 1997, she travelled to Egypt on five separate occasions with groups of students participating in the model United Nations conference hosted by the American University of Cairo. It was after the first such trip that Hancock organized and served as faculty advisor of the Douglas College International Model United Nations (DOUGIMUN).

In 2005, she travelled to Jordan as a guest of the Jordanian government, meeting with government officials and visiting a Palestinian refugee camp.

Hancock taught at Douglas College until her retirement. She died in 2017.

Penny Swanson

  • DCA032
  • Person

Penny Swanson was a Technical Services Librarian at Douglas College. She served as interim Director, Learning Resources between 1999 and 2000. Swanson also served on the Education Council (2002-2003) and the Douglas College Board (ex officio).

Personnel Committee

  • DCA056
  • Corporate body
  • ca. 1970 - 1981

When it was formally established as a standing committee of the College Council in 1975, the primary function of the Personnel Committee was to serve as advisor to the Council and administration on matters relating to personnel policies, making recommendations, and drafting reports. The Committee was also tasked with reviewing problems on specific personnel matters, examining proposals for the budget, and advising on negotiations with faculty, staff, and administrators.

In 1981, following the split between Douglas and Kwantlen, the Personnel Committee (by then a committee of the College Board) amalgamated with other committees to become the Finance, Facilities and Personnel Committee.

Peter Greenwood

  • DCA042
  • Person

Peter Greenwood was hired as Bursar in 1988, a position that was changed to Vice President, Finance and Administration following a partial administrative reorganization at the college in 1995. He remained in this role until 2001. He was also a Douglas College Foundation board member from 1989-1999.

Program Development Committee

  • DCA058
  • Corporate body
  • ca. 1970 - 1981

Originally called the Curriculum Review Committee prior to being established as a standing committee of the College Council in 1975, the Program Development Committee’s primary function was to review program proposals and to present reports and recommendations to the Council (and later the Board). These reports and recommendations were related to new, revised, or discontinued programs; educational priorities; innovative systems of instructions; admission policies; and instructional requirements for planned physical facilities.

In October 1980, the Program Development Committee’s name and terms of reference were modified slightly. It became the Program Review & Development Committee.

Program Review & Development Committee

  • DCA059
  • Corporate body
  • 1980 - 1981

Established in October 1980, the Program Review & Development Committee was a standing committee of the College Board and almost identical to its predecessor, the Program Development Committee. Minor changes to the Committee’s terms of references included: (1) the Committee was now tasked with actively reviewing existing program areas, not just proposals; (2) there were fewer listed resource personnel; and (3) “Admissions policies” was removed from the Committee's areas of focus.

Like its previous iteration, the Committee was responsible for reviewing programs, educational policies, innovative systems of instruction, and planned physical facilities with respect to instructional needs.

The Program Review & Development Committee was replaced by the Education and Services Committee in April 1981.

Public Information Office

  • DCA020
  • Corporate body
  • 1970 - 1996

Since the college's opening in 1970 until a name change in the late 1990s, the Public Information Office (PIO) was responsible for promoting the institution both within the campus community and throughout the Lower Mainland. The PIO shared information about programming and events, working with the administration and other internal stakeholders to develop and promote the College's public image. The office produced advertisements, drafted speeches and press releases, designed posters and brochures, and publicized the accomplishments of faculty, staff, and students. William Bell led the PIO as Public Information Officer from the early 1970s until 1992. He was succeeded by Brad Barber.

In 1996, the Public Information Office became the Communications and Marketing Office.

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